Portable Useful Small Appliances


Personal Blender

A must-have essential item in the bag

Portable Personal Blender by Brands

Imagine having a quick, nutritious breakfast in a single serve anytime and anywhere! Just like standard blenders, …

Mini Fridge

A must-ha

Portable Mini Fridge by Brands

You’re in the midst of finishing a report while at the peak of productivity, and you’re feeling thirsty. Not wanting to …

Electric Lunch Box

Brighten up your morning routine with a freshly brew pot of coffee!

Portable Electric Lunch Box by Brands

Say goodbye to fast food! Enjoy warm, nutritious hearty lunches anytime without leaving your desk. Most importantly, it …

Electric Mug Warmer

Keeping bread fresh while being a stylish addition to any kitchen!

Electric Mug Warmer by Brands

Nothing beats your first cup of piping-hot coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, coffee doesn’t stay hot. If you’ve had …

Personal Air Conditioner Fan

How could you not love a dainty, quaint mini fridge?

Personal Air Conditioner Fan by Brands

Personal mini air conditioner fan are very compact size cooling devices which are intended to give you cooling in a …

Electric Tea Kettle

How about some hot boiling water fuss free?

Retro Tea/Electric Kettle by Brands

Sleeping in on a rainy day, laughing with friends, sipping a warm cup of tea – it’s the smallest pleasures that bring …


Get your creative juices flowing!

Retro Blender by Brands

Get your creative juices flowing with these fabulous blenders. If you have a sweet tooth why not indulge and make your …

Stand Mixer

Shout out to home bakers and cooks!

Retro Stand Mixer by Brands

If you’re the sort of person who takes pride in the appearance of your home, you’ll love these mixers. Every inch of …

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