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Janolia Electric Lunch Box is protable with handle, it is without any burden for you to carry it, great for office use. So you can easily enjoy warm and healthy meals. It  is made of food grade pp, and the bowls and dish plate is made by stainless steel, which is durable, environmentally friendly and non- toxic, you could use with confidence.

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Key Features of Janolia Electric Food Heater:

  • Superior materials: Janolia electric food steamer is made of food grade pp, and the bowls and dish plate is made by stainless steel, which is durable, environmentally friendly and non- toxic, you could use with confidence.
  • Dimension & Capacity : Product dimensions: 8 X 8 X 8 inches; Weight: 2.35 pounds; stainless steel bowl plus plate provide capacity of about 1.3L/ 44oz, can hold rice, soup,noddle, etc.
  • Complete set: In this electric lunch box, it includes one stainless steel bowl and dish plate, and they are removable, so it is convenient for your to clean. It also provides a bowl lid to prevent leakage of foods, but make sure to get it off when cooking or heating. Besides, a measuring cup is contained for your convenience to add water, and the sponge makes cleaning easier.
  • Protection functions: Waterproof design of the plug port can save it from being moist while not using; make sure to add water into the body, because with the anti dry burning function, the machine will power off automatically when the water is running out.
  • Using suggestion: When it finishes cooking/ heating, it would be better to open the top cover after 10 minutes of the indicator light is off; Do not use corrosive detergents to clean the product, otherwise, it will hurt the surface of the stainless steel bowl
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Janolia Electric Lunch Box is protable with handle, it is without any burden for you to carry it, great for office use. So you can easily enjoy warm and healthy meals. It  is made of food grade pp, and the bowls and dish plate is made by stainless steel, which is durable, environmentally friendly and non- toxic, you could use with confidence.
Ease of use
  • 1. Small, portable, and with a separate compartment for cooking
  • 2. Has anti dry burning function for safety purpose and it shuts down automatically when the water runs out
  • 3. Very easy to clean
  • 4. Easy and convenient to use
  • 1. It doesn’t come with instruction
  • 2. It is not watertight

Additional information

Specification: Janolia Electric Food Heater



Model Number



2.35 pounds

Product Dimension

8.27 x 7.87 x 8.27 inches


304 Stainless steel + Food Grade PP


1.3 L

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  1. NH Mom 55

    America, wake up! I’ve had years of awful lunches, bringing things from home to reheat in the crusty office microwave. Or sandwiches. Or spending too much on fastfood… Now I pack veggies and couscous in the stainless steel bowls and create a hot nutritious lunch at work. I store the outer housing and cord in my desk and only bring the stainless bowls back and forth. My portion control is better, I’m eating cleaner for my health, and I’ve saved the cost of the lunchbox in the first week of use by avoiding cafe splurges with coworkers. I’m going to start a pinterest board of my favorite recipes for others who may be looking at this option. My fave so far is a soup with rice vermicelli or dumplings steamed on top. I also love oatmeal and honey with fruit on the top steamer. This thing steams hardboiled eggs, can do hash and poached eggs, too. If you bring baggies of ingredients, there is no reason to go hungry or lack nutrition.

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  2. Leeann Darby

    Traveling and this is great. I packed my prepped meals and put in the mini fridge. It’s so much better than a microwave. Steam heats the food. My 99% lean ground turkey pattie with veggies was so much better than the microwave. It was really moist. Can’t wait to use it in my office at work.

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  3. Heather Marshall

    Product is not that easy to use if you’ve never had one of these before. It doesn’t come with instruction, any easy receipes, or how to use it. I had to look up videos on how to use it. I thought it was broke the first time I used it. I didn’t add water to the bottom – I just added water to the rice. Obviously it didn’t cook. Once I added a little water to the bottom it took off! It’s easy to clean. The value is ok. It’s made cheap. It can spill because there’s no seal around the lid. But for sure a healthy alternative to a microwave.

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  4. Gerri Chantel Williams

    I do like this a lot. I’ve made Udon OODLES of times and it comes out great. I do spend more time prepping, chopping and making sure the steamer is heated up while adding ingredients seems to make sure everything is cooked properly at the end. I still am experimenting with cooking a complete bento meal but the results I’ve had so far have been good. In order to get rice to cook properly I find it has to cook for 40 minutes in the top or in the bottom only. This does require some additional prep to get a really fresh tasting meal. I do use it a lot and if I prep my veggies properly, I can make a meal for one in a very short period of time. It a lot more food than you realize and I’ve always had enough for left-overs.

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  5. Bluetoffee (Consignment)

    Cooks my breakfast sausages, warms up frozen food and left overs. Just fill and carry. I don’t like using a microwave because I believe they change the cell structure of food so this is perfect. I live alone with very little space so this has become one of my major appliances. I’m pleased with the quality of the plastic housing. It’s a chocolate color with a nice texture to it. It has a heavy duty cord that comes off the unit completely. And the heating element appears to be of good quality. Nice stainless steel pans too. I would not leave it plugged in after using as it may still be in the heating mode as I found out one day. It’s good that it uses very little energy too — 200 watts I believe.

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  6. Leigh

    I am so happy i bought this. After struggling to cook rice on the stove (what a regret), I finally bit the bullet and decided to get a rice maker. I wanted something small and easy. I came across this and it looked PERFECT. Small, portable, and with a separate compartment for cooking other parts of my lunch? Sign me up! My first test was cooking rice in the bottom dish and salmon in the top. Amazing tasting meal in 30 minutes! I’m definitely going to be bringing this to work with me for hot lunches on the go! Well worth the purchase!!

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  7. Armando

    I bring it every day to work. It makes perfect rice and in the other tray cooks or heats up. Steams raw vegtables. And leftovers. Meat. I never go hungry at work anymore. I let it work for 1 hour whikebi work. I let it cool down because its steaming hot. And the i eat. I love it❤

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  8. Yuxuan Sun

    Love it sooooooo much! This solves my lunch issue in college

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  9. K

    I’ll be moving soon and rather than a 2-minute commute and hour-long lunches in my comfortable kitchen, I’ll be stuck at work over lunch break since my new place is about 25 minutes away. As a result I was on the hunt for lots of lunch products and things I haven’t needed for the past 4 years, lunch bags/containers, etc. One of the things I’ll miss the most about going home over lunch is cooking my own hot meals for lunch. While doing some research, I found this little cooker, and plenty of others on Amazon, but this one had a great review and demo on YouTube, so I felt very confident in the purchase. I share an office with 3 of my library colleagues and although we all have varying schedules, there are times when we are all in the space at the same time, so I did have some concerns. I did a test run of things at home before bringing it in to work, and have made 3 different soups at work since bringing it in. Here are my observations based on all of my concerns/needs.1. NOISE: I have a Sunbeam hotshot at my desk for heating water for tea. This little powerful beast sounds like a freight train is moving through the office. On the plus side, it takes very little time, 1-2 minutes, and the noisiest bit is really only at the end, so no one usually says anything or seems at all bothered. But if I’m going to be warming broth or cooking rice for the couple of hours leading to my lunch hour, I definitely could not have something that noisy at my desk. But I’m happy to report that this little gadget did the trick. Trust me: It is anything but noisy. There is a very low simmering sound (from the water near the heating element) if you get close to it, but the others in my office would not be able to hear it unless they sat directly next to it. Since that would mean they’d have to steal my seat, it’s a pretty safe bet they won’t hear it.2. SMELLS: I did a test run of cooking rice (in a flavored broth) at home and steaming some carrots. This left virtually no odor, but removing the lid naturally releases some smells. You can’t stop these smells because well… food is food…, especially with the lid off, but if you’re smart about what you’re cooking it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I wouldn’t suggest making broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and fish at your desk using this thing. You might want to relegate those types of things to the break room. (Or better yet, skip them altogether.)3. TIME: Heating broth hot enough to gently cook ingredients (such as an egg for egg drop soup), takes hardly any time at all. Cooking rice, on the other hand, depending on what kind, will take more time. I think the black rice I cooked at home took over an hour. So you want to plan accordingly and maybe do a few test runs of your own based on what you plan to use it for. Make sure you prep ahead and take just a minute or two to turn your cooker on ahead of time so your food will be ready for your meal break.4. SAFETY: As soon as the water over the heating element evaporates, the cooker powers itself off. You can add more water and then turn it back on at that point if needed. No issues there.5. FOOD SAFETY/COOKING: I have not tried to cook MEAT in the cooker except for a few slivers of shaved beef which I added to hot broth. As anyone who eats pho on a regular basis knows, hot broth will cook thinly sliced meat within a matter of seconds. However, the YT review I watched did show meat being cooked successfully, but it must be noted that this meat (chicken I believe) was cut up into small bite-size chunks if I’m remembering correctly. I can also poach an egg (in broth or plain water I suppose) easily in this device, so for my purposes, this is perfect. If I end up trying to cook meat in this thing (likely not until after my move) I’ll come and amend my review to reflect that. I can bring my meat thermometer if I ever try it. That being said, with enough time, I don’t really see it being an issue. This appliance seems to perform well, and while does take time to cook, appears to do a great job. Much more than a “food warmer” you can rest assured!6. CLEAN UP: Easy and painless. The outer shell can be wiped down inside and out after cooling (should only have water droplets on it anyway.) And the stainless steel bowls clean up just as easily as you might expect. You can clip it all together to take home (or to the break room) for easy transport to the sink for washing. I also like that everything including cord can be stored/transported together neatly once clean *and dry.7. LAST TIP: I already keep a one quart (32 oz) glass Quattro Stagioni bottle (purchased at Target) at my desk filled with water at my desk for making tea. This would be a great thing to keep around to fill the base and cover the heating element, or if making broth/rice etc. That way you don’t have to sneak away to the bathroom/break room to get water to start the cooking process. May not be necessary but I’ve certainly found it useful!If you’re thinking about getting this, and you’ve bothered to read this review, it will definitely be worth it!

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  10. Malhar

    I ordered this as I was looking for a a food warmer that could make my food warm while I don’t have access to a stove, mircrowave or a boiler to boil hot water for coffee or tea. Also I do not want to go downstairs to the kitchen all the time where my family is sitting. Sometimes I just want to get my drink and leave but since my kitchen is right beside the living room, I don’t always want to be rude by just leaving. Same goes for food, I do not just want to grab food and leave. So this has literally saved my life making it more convenient for me to cook stuff in my own space. I just kept on top of the washroom counter and plugged it in and warmed my hot dogs! Then I use it to boil hot water for green tea. Then I packed everything inside the container and closed the lid and grab it by the handle while all the other pieces stay inside. So this is compatible, convenient and a quality product for my usage so far. It does get hot so make sure you do not touch any areas you should not. Read the manual before you use it so you know how to use it. Once you get an idea, it is very simple to use.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    UPDATE: Have been using this almost everyday for 3 months and it’s been amazing!This product is great! We don’t have access to any kitchen appliances at work anymore because of the pandemic (need to avoid high touch surfaces). I typically pack leftovers for lunch to heat up, so when this wasn’t an available option anymore I had to find another way to have a hot lunch! There’s no way I’m having sandwiches and salads every day… I’m so glad I came across this product. There’s other styles of “electric lunch boxes” out there, but they either have a small capacity, can only warm food (not cook), and/or take longer to heat up.Tried this for the first time a couple days ago and worked like a charm! It’s basically a portable rice cooker/steamer, so anything you can typically make using those cooking/heating methods you can also do with this lunch box. I just put 2 cups of water (using the provided measuring cup) into the base, plugged this in at my desk before my lunch break, and my leftovers were piping hot in about 30 minutes. The time to heat/cook your food will vary depending on the volume of food and how hot you want it. I believe the unit will automatically shut off when there’s no water left in the base, so you can use more or less water depending on what you’re heating/cooking. I haven’t tried cooking anything from raw yet, but there’s a few YouTube videos where people have been successful with cooking rice, meats, soups, etc. from raw with their electric lunch box.Overall really happy with this product. Hopefully it lasts a while, but if it ever dies down the road I’d still look at getting another one.

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  12. bashar

    I don’t understand why people gave 5 stars unless if they get baied for itIt doesn’t work wellIt got hot from underneath but the food didn’t hot enough actually the oil got frozen after 2 hoursNot worth the money 💰 sorry I know they tried to make product but it is uselessI tried to speak with the saler I put my number and they never call back

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  13. BC

    It looks cute and it was kinda like a mini rice cooker. The problem is that the lid was a terrible design. There is no seal. The lid could be easily broken or come off if you grab it by the handle and walk around with it. Just to let you know how bad it is. Everything else seems to be good except for the cover/lid. If they fixed a proper lid like how a rice cooker lid is then this would be a 6/5 star product.

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