MoModer Electric Lunch Box

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Say goodbye to fast food! Enjoy nutritious, healthy and delicious food with our multifunctional electric lunch box any where any time! It is suitable for school students, company office employees and workers who need to carry lunch by themselves and no need to queue for microwave heating, you can have a hot meal sitting in the seat!





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Key Features of MoModer Electric Lunch Box:

  • Electric Lunch Box — Comes with removable stainless steel bowls and egg steaming tray, you can use this food cooker to steam veggies, rice, eggs, cook noodle, soup, heat food. With our electric food warmer, you can heat your meal at school, in office, or during travel
  • Fast Heating — No need to worry has no Microwave oven for heating your food, just plug in the cable and wait for minutes, then you can have a warm meal sitting in your seat (30-35 mins for cooking rice; 18-20 mins for heating, 14-18 mins for steaming eggs)
  • Personal Capacity — The size of lunch box rice cooker steamer is 8.7 x 6.7 x 4.3 inch, Capacity: 1.0L. And there is also a individual bowl, which is very convenient to separate different dishes. Ideal for personal use
  • Nutritious & Healthy & Delicious – The built-in steamer function allows for nutrient-rich meals to be prepared above while rice, soup, or any other meal addition cooks below, save your time. Also making meals rich, tasty and healthy
  • Easy to Carry — The personal rice cooker is protable with handle, It is without any burden for you to carry it, great for office use. So you can easily enjoy warm and healthy meals, And the stainless steel bowls are removable for easy cleaning
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Say goodbye to fast food! Enjoy nutritious, healthy and delicious food with our multifunctional electric lunch box any where any time! It is suitable for school students, company office employees and workers who need to carry lunch by themselves and no need to queue for microwave heating, you can have a hot meal sitting in the seat!   
Ease of use
  • 1. The bowl is stainless steel and are perfect for separate dishes
  • 2. Egg tray is included
  • 3. Lightweight and it is portable with handle
  • 4. Easy to use
  • 1. Poor quality of the bowl

Additional information

Specification: MoModer Electric Lunch Box



Model Number



1.65 pounds

Product Dimensions

8.78 x 7.2 x 6.97 inches


Stainless steel, Plastic


1 L

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4.8 out of 5
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  1. Nomin Bunusha

    Due to covid19, I am not able to utilize our kitchen at the office. And I never knew this item existed until I saw my coworker with one.I have been boiling eggs for the office, heating up my food and even soup at my office!!! I have been saving so much money and so much time with this lunch box! My brother has taken it to school several times as the cafeterias have limited options and he said lot of friends asked about this item.The measuring cup is convenient to measure the water on the go. And the automatic turn off when the water dissolves is so safe because I forgot i had it on one time and it got me panicked but I was relieved to find that it had turned off itself. Very user friendly and compact. It’s almost the size of ones hand.

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  2. Belle Esprit

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This lunch box steamer is perfect for making meals while you’re at work or even if you’re at home and want to steam some rice or reheat leftovers but want to skip the stove or microwave. The size of this is: is 8.7 x 6.7 x 4.3 inch and the maximum capacity is 1L. The bowls are stainless steel and are perfect for separate dishes. There’s an egg tray too which is convenient. There’s convenient easy to carry handles on top as well. I can walk away from this and get other things done while I’m making lunch for the day which is convenient for me!

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  3. Keris

    First of all, this is so darn cute, I just love it. Perfect size for me. Toss in rice then veggies the top and steam it all. Instant meal without hoovering over it. That’s all I’ve been cooking with it so far. I haven’t needed it for traveling with it yet. But when that time comes, I’m prepared!

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  4. Amarsanaa

    I’m just amazed at what this product can do for its little size. First of all this product comes with many little accessories, such as measuring cups and a little plastic spoon. The weight of the product is very light, which is good for me. This little thing can cook rice and boil eggs. I boil eggs a lot and this mini electric lunch box boils my eggs better than when I boil it on the stove. Also it keeps my food warm. For office workers who microwave their food, this is a better alternative because it keeps the food fresh and healthy.

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  5. Roger Barganier

    If you can cook with a rice cooker or crockpot, this device will be a BREEZE. I just made myself a chicken curry mostly from scratch (I used the Golden Curry mild from S&B Foods for the gravy). cut up chicken tenderloin. threw in some crinkle cut carrots and a small potato with sauce starter and water. Put some rice in the top piece and hit the button. 45 minutes later, I had delicious curry and rice (enough for two people!). I also steamed some frozen char sui bao the other day. I am so excited to get creative and make some delicious lunches. Better than take out!

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  6. Javkhlan

    I am a Semi Truck driver. For me having a warm food in tight schedule was very hard. This product really helped me. I just put a little water in it and plug it on. While I am driving my food is getting ready. I highly recommend it for those people who travel far.

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  7. Jerry N

    Arrived poorly packaged in banged-up, cheap cardboard box with no outer box to protect it. Product appeared undamaged, but I don’t know how based on condition of the package. The instructions are all but useless. For instance,”cooking rice: adding an appropriate amount of water into the machine body ,adding the amount of rice and water into the lunch box ,then put into the machine body, and cover the upper cover.2,Connect the power supply,the power indicator light,press the switch button,at the as the indicator lights,said cooking rice has started work.”I’m used to poor grammar, but this is useless. How much water and rice? The Amazon listing has some guidance, but not much. One of the Q&A items redirects to some youtube videos. The first is not in English, so not much help. The second was more of a first use video, but did not cover specifics like quantities of ingredients. I finally gave up and went to trial and error method. My first attempt was definitely undercooked, but I think if I keep trying, I’ll be able to make an edible bowl of rice.I think I will keep this because it does actually seem to work, at least so far. It just shouldn’t be this hard to figure out how to use it. For others who are trying to figure this out, the trick seems to be to add the ratio of water and rice to the bowl that you’d use cooking by other methods. The amount of water you add to the base seems to control the cooking time as it turns off once it boils dry. I haven’t figured out a formula for x ml’s of water results in y minutes of cooking time, but I think I’ll be able to figure it out over time.One final note. The lunch box itself is pretty flimsy plastic. It takes a little effort to force the lid to fit into the base so that you can snap it closed. The plastic lid provided for the cooking bowls is a nice touch for transporting ingredients, but is also difficult to snap into place and I’m not confident that it will remain closed. I’ll probably put ingredients in baggies to keep them from spilling out into the base of the steamer while taking to work.

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  8. Khandaa

    I like this product . I’ve heated rice, pasta, and meat on separate occasions, all for about 30 mins and the food is usually a warm to hot temperature, ready to eat. I dislike the lid as it can be difficult to clean with the different grooves, but nothing a dish brush can’t reaxh. I also wish the compartment for the spoon wasn’t shaped for only the spoon that comes with the dish. There’s no room for a fork or regular spoon.

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