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A little like a microwave, a little like a crock pot, but a whole lot better, this portable oven and food warmer is ideal for lunch at the office, parties and potlucks, and home kitchen use. It evenly cooks or reheats fresh or frozen meats and vegetables—even leftovers—without burning or drying your food. Using a heating element, it brings your food to the ideal temperature—and holds it there until you’re ready, whether that’s in two hours or twelve. There’s no monitoring needed; just place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day.


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Key Features:

  • Ideal for preparing healthy meals and warm comfort food at home, in the office, or at parties, potlucks, or gatherings
  • Evenly cooks or reheats fresh or frozen meats and vegetables – even leftovers – without burning or drying your food
  • Compatible with most flat-bottom containers with sealable lids, including glass, plastic, tupperware, metal, aluminum foil, and cardboard – up to 8.75-inch w x 6.75-inch l x 2.5-inch
  • Requires no monitoring – just place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day, whether it’s work or play
  • Backed by our make it right and a customer service team that has one job: To leave you utterly and completely overjoyed
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A little like a microwave, a little like a crock pot, but a whole lot better, this portable oven and food warmer is ideal for lunch at the office, parties and potlucks, and home kitchen use. It evenly cooks or reheats fresh or frozen meats and vegetables—even leftovers—without burning or drying your food. Using a heating element, it brings your food to the ideal temperature—and holds it there until you’re ready, whether that’s in two hours or twelve. There’s no monitoring needed; just place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day.
Ease of use
  • 1. Great for traveling, good quality
  • 2. Requires no monitoring
  • 3. Easy to pack and clean
  • 4. Works as described
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Specification: HotLogic Food Warming Tote



Model number


Model Name

Food Warming Tote 12V

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Mounting Hardware

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Material Type

Contains Liquid Contents


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Product Dimensions

17.27 x 22.35 x 6.35 cm, 318 Grams

Backed by our make it right and a customer service team that has one job

To leave you utterly and completely overjoyed

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25 reviews for HotLogic Food Warming Tote

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  1. Sarah

    This is the single best purchase I have ever made on Amazon. And I buy A LOT of great things on Amazon!My work is gross. Like really gross. I work for a trash company gross. We have a roach problem in the kitchen gross.I simply bring this puppy in with my leftovers inside (any flat bottomed container works but I use the 3 cup pyrex ones everyday) and plug it in.I bring one dish for lunch and something foil wrapped for breakfast. i.e. burrito.I slap the burrito in and eat that in 2 hours when I start to get hungry after my coffee, toss the tin foil away and slap my leftovers in it, eat that in about 2-3 hours (as this never overheats my food) and then just unplug it and eat! I take the whole thing home when I’m done so no bugs get in it too.Pros: I can keep my food out of the actual kitchen that is disgusting, it’s on my desk that I clean religiously every day. It’s hot when I want it and doesn’t get that microwaved effect and it’s completely and evenly warm! (Sooo happy I don’t have to use our microwave that is also rusty on the inside, who knows what that does?!)Cons: None so far – this thing works like a charm!Definitely get this if you drive a long time or work somewhere without easy access to a kitchen…or in my case a CLEAN kitchen!

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  2. Charlie

    For every work day, I intended to bring marinated/prepped raw food in to the office, put it in this oven in the morning, and by lunch time, have fresh food ready to eat. After testing the unit out at my house, I concluded that I would have to add one more step: sear/brown any meat before putting it in this oven. Otherwise, this unit is fantastic and is worth every penny. Note: The manufacturer offers a 2-year extension to the 1-year warranty if you register your oven. So don’t forget to register it!–The Test–I put in frozen rice and refrigerator-thawed raw chicken in the oven. After three hours, the food reached edible temperatures. The chicken looked pretty awful when it came out… so I seared it a bit on a cast iron pan.–The Data–Temperatures were measured using an infrared thermometer and a meat thermometer. Over three hours, the oven brought up the rice temperature from -5F to 132F and the chicken from 35F to 153F. The countertop temperature under the unit was 129F (+55F). The heating plate gets up to almost 200F; likewise, the bottom of the glass tupperware that was on top of this plate reached 162F. As far as the electricy used, the unit alternates from 0W to just under 50W. Over three hours, only 0.11 kWh was used, which translates to a dollar figure of less than a penny (using my electric prices).

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  3. Amazon Customer

    This unit is excellent! I have some bad experiences with other units like RoadMate and it’s not even close. The RoadMate is fast, but burns food if you’re not keeping an eye on it. Also broke on me a number of times.The HotLigic Mini has been very reliable for me. It heats up my lunches perfectly without burning the food. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to complete heat my food. I just plug it in at 10:30 and it’s nice and hot by noon. I could leave it plugged in all day if I wanted and the food would still be moist and hot. I recommend this to other drivers I know.Only downside is that does not come in 12 volt so you have to purchase a separate adapter for your vehicle 12 volt.

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  4. Tina P.

    I love this little guy! I actually bought a second one because I loved the first one SO much.My poor husband has been eating sandwiches for lunch for TEN YEARS because the company microwave is filthy and he just CAN’T! LOLI bought one of these and started with tv dinners. He’s not a fan of microwave dinners, so my expectations were low. He started RAVING about his lunches….they were JUST little $1 Michalina’s frozen dinners! He said they taste better coming his “lunchbox” than they do when we microwave them at home. I took the plunge and invested in some glassware that would work with the Hot Logic. (I just went to Big Lots… I bought the same stuff they sell online MUCH CHEAPER there.) Now I can send nutritious, tasty homecooked meals just by freezing our own leftovers! I bought a second one for my car (I drive a Kia Soul…not a big rig) to use with a car adapter. The Hot Logic uses so little wattage — it works like a charm. My son swims and does gymnastics swims competitively, AND he does speech and debate, so we are NEVER within a half-hour of our house because we are always at a practice, a meet, or a tournament SOMEWHERE. I feel so much better giving him hot food from home instead of making an Arby’s or a Taco Bell run. I’m not going to tell you that my son is happy that he is now eating homemade food instead of Chick-fil-a, but I know we are both eating healthier than we have been in years!I am REALLY satisfied with this purchase!

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  5. Farokh

    I’m so happy that I found this finally. Quality, size, performance, everything with HotLogic mini is great. It is engineered obviously and is not a cheap product. I use it in my car, so I use a regular inverter (180W, I think!) and it works well. It warms up my food in 1.5hrs. I want to help this product to sell, so feel free to ask any questions:)By the way the delivery was really fast:) thumbs up to the seller.

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  6. Jason Sanchez

    I like this food warmer. I’m a truck driver, so I chose to buy the 12 volt version. That way I don’t have to use a separate power inverter. The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t have a led indicator to show that it’s properly plugged in to the lighter socket. Other than that works great.

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  7. Hoghead

    Where have I been hiding and not noticed this fantastic little meal helper? I am a railroad worker and we are famous for having to live on fast food and junk because we have no cooking place on the engines we spend our lives on. Some people cook and warm foods on the motors themselves in the engine compartment-which, you can imagine, is a greasy mess of diesel fumes and oil- and others warm things on cab heaters that may or may not work properly and were designed as a heater for the air temperature, not for foods. This portable mini oven is designed to plug into your home 110v outlet and does work great like that. However, it also works great plugged into the 74v DC current outlet available on most locomotives. I imagine the company does not promote its use like this, but it absolutely works. Now I can take my prepared meals in plastic meal portion containers, microwave meals, etc-and easily heat them up. Bravo for a great item that stores easily and does not add weight to your bags. Easy to clean and reaches a safe temperature that doesn’t melt your plastic food containers.

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  8. Akash M.

    The sides of the pouch that holds the heating element started to melt and stick together shortly after I started using it.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    I’m new in the trades industry I pretty much work out of a truck on the railroad and the idea of not being able to eat warm home cooked food was disappointing until I did my research and found this alternative. This is definitely a game changer for me and I recommend it to anyone that on road a lot.

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  10. Jon R.

    I’m a truck driver and got tired of cold deli sandwiches and they few restaurants that i can park in. This thing is the greatest thing I’ve ever bought for work. It doesn’t burn food if you forget about it for a while. I use glass container or plastic with no issue. Takes 1 to 2 hours to heat food up. Any driver or someone who doesn’t have access to microwave needs this. I’ve recommended it to guys at work. If it broke today I’d buy another one immediately. Tip- watch the price, it goes up and down from 30 to 40 bucks. Buy it at 30.*update*After 8 months of near daily use, it has stopped working. True to what I said in my original review, I immediately purchased another one. This time though, i bought it from the hotlogic website directly so i could get the one year warrantyUpdate 2: I bought another one and it broke after two months. The others I bought lasted at least a year. Just past the return date. Should have taken my own advice and bought directly from hotlogic website. Deducting a star.

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  11. Bruno G.

    I’m a crane operator and for the last 8 years my lunch has been cold sandwiches and cold leftovers. The first day I used it, I brought leftover lasagna – plugged it in an hour before lunch and at 12:00 noon my lunch was piping hot; almost too hot to eat, actually.If you work in construction and have access to 120 volt power, get this. Now.If you have access to a vehicle 12 volt outlet, get this and an inverter. Now. It only uses 45 watts so any cheap inverter should handle it.You work your butt off all day; treat yourself to a hot lunch!

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  12. lynn2006

    I love this, been using it for the past few days mainly for warming/reheating meal prep meals. What can I say if you have a lunch that has been in the fridge take it put it in the Mini and in about an hour and a half you have perfect meal. Taste like you just made it or like the day after when the seasonings have a chance to sit in. Have not use the microwave since I got it. Been doing meal prep and this is the completer. My food is not dry, tried a lasagna (frozen) I put it in and let it cook for about 6 hours which turned out perfect. It was my supper with a salad, no hot stove, or a mountain of dishes to clean. Liked it so much getting another one ( arrived today) and will be using it at work. POSITIVE MADE FISH AND IT DID NOT STINK UP MY HOUSE LIKE THE MICROWAVE.

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  13. Chrissy M.

    I honestly did not have much faith in this oven. It’s absolutely fantastic. I have used Pyrex dishes and plain Rubbermaid Tupperware in it, both are fine. I plug it in when I get to work and when I’m ready to eat so is my food. No more using dirty microwaves at work or waiting in line at break to heat your food. Also a frozen meal done in this little oven tastes Nothing like a frozen dinner. It takes a little longer but you literally put box and all straight into your oven and you’re good to go in about 1 to 2 hours. I Bought one for myself and then 2 more as gifts.

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  14. rnoffduty

    I work from my car seeing patients and I used to drive around trying to sneak into the 7-11 microwaves to heat my home-cooked meals without being noticed. Then while in there I would decide I needed some sort of snack or sugary drink. When I started my Whole 30 round I had to start researching ways to heat meals in my car because I can’t be trusted in a convenience store with sugar. This works great, I used glass lunch containers that I got on amazon and I just place my soup or meal in the pouch in the morning, and then plug it in about 30 mins before I want to eat, If I have to go in to see a pt I use my car starter to keep it heating up (it’s a Prius, so I’m just using the battery usually).Only feedback I’d give is a on off switch would be great, I don’t like the angle of my plug in my car so pulling it in and out makes me a little annoyed. But I’ll get it over it :). Otherwise it’s perfect.It you have long hours on the road, this thing is great!

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  15. Kelly Ochoa

    I’mp a truck driver and im on the road a lot and truck stop food was getting me fat and tiring. But now I’m able to bring food from home and it’s easy to use. And it keeps your food nice warm.

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  16. Will Love

    I work and I’m always where there is no microwave for my food i take lunch around 1pm so I head to my car at about 12 and plug it in with my food and baby when I tell u I come back n that food be steaming hot like it came fresh off that stove ya heard meh!!!! I love this bag it doesn’t get any better as far as warming up my meal prep on the go.. get this bag it’s a great investment

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  17. LisaRi

    I’m a PhD student finishing my dissertation and I’m at the point where I eat all my meals in my office. So to avoid spending ridiculous amounts of money on Postmates or using the microwave for every single meal, I got the HotLogic mini in paisley (which is super pretty by the way). For leftovers it takes about 1.5 hours and it doesn’t dry out the food, it’s honestly great! Food comes out so much better in this than it does in the microwave. I even put raw veggies in there with some salt and pepper and it cooks them from scratch. Now I just have to meal prep 1-2x a week and I have a hot healthy dinner every day!

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  18. J C

    For me this was a great discovery. These should be advertised more at high school and college. As a Vegan I have difficulty finding adequate meals when I have to travel. I used this on a recent business trip and was impressed. Some of what I “cooked” was a test to find out if it worked and I was not disappointed. One morning I quartered some amber potatoes, spiced them, place in a container with a few tablespoons of water and when I came back for dinner four hours later (after work) the potatoes were done exactly as they should have been. i did pasta, vegetables, frozen pizza, frozen desert, and a few other items. They all cooked exactly as they should have. This is so small, easy to pack, doesn’t burn food, and the meal is ready when one returns from work. Sorry it took me so long to find the product.

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  19. citlalli

    Me encantó!! Cómo alguien más comento este es el complemento ideal para aquellas personas que no les gusta comer la comida fría, ya que muchas veces el microondas deja un sabor extraño a mi parecer, está fue la solución perfecta para mi, yo utilizo refractarios de tres divisiones y funciona perfectamente !!

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  20. BCD

    Got this product the other day so that I could have hot lunches through the winter. My office doesn’t have a microwave and I don’t have the space for one. Previously, I was bringing refrigerated food and just letting it sit out until lunch, which meant that the best I could hope for was room temperature food. Enter this product! I am now able to bring refrigerated or frozen food from my house and have it nice and hot for lunch. It only takes a few hours, but if I plug the unit in when I arrive at my office, then it has plenty of time to heat the food. When I’m done with it for the day I let it cool and then put it back in my drawer for use the next time.Initially I was worried about using plastic meal prep containers in this, but they work just fine. So excited to have found a solution for my cold lunch woes!

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  21. LoveHerLove

    I used it twice. One of those times was for traveling via Plane. I had no issues getting it through TSA which was my biggest concern. I used it in my hotel room ….great for keeping takeout food warm or warming up leftovers. It took about 20 minutes to get food completly warm. I kept food in the takeout containers and that was fine. I also brought a small durable container that I already had just in case. No need to spend extra money on warming containers. Anyway I plan to use it for travel when I don’t have access to a stove.

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  22. Jaie

    What seemed like a minor option I was giving myself when I decided to purchase has turned out to be a lifestyle gamechanger. Now I can bring a chicken breast and veggies or other healthy food instead of my unhealthy and boring “coldcut” (bread and nitrates) sandwiches which had been my default lunch. Also saves me time and my hot food from yucky communal odors from the office microwave. Pays for itself.Update: I forgot to add that mine came with a bonus plastic cooking container with lid. Don’t know if that was a mistake but it was a nice surprise. But after using it with different containers I found that I prefer glass for heating and bought a couple of Pyrex that fit perfectly.

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  23. goodnite.graci

    I am extremely happy with this little gadget. I got tired of waiting for use of the microwave in my office at lunch time. And, quite frankly, I got tired of the uneven heating that occurs when you use a microwave as well. This little box sits on a side table in my office. I bring in my lunch, put it in my hot logic, and plug it in when I get to work. Then I go about my morning. When lunchtime rolls around, I unzip the top, and there is a piping hot lunch ready for me to eat! Perfectly evenly hot throughout, with no lava or ice pockets. According to the instructions, you can use pretty much any container, but I admit I’m wary and have stuck with glass. It also comes with recipes to straight up cook with, but again mine is mainly a warmer/reheater. But it gets to the perfect temp and not beyond, and it does not dry the food out either. For me, this was worth every single penny.

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  24. K. Smitty

    It’s actually really good to have. I don’t have a microwave or way of warming things up at my business, this has been awesome in assisting. It’s good with cooking certain TV dinners (usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the food you’re warming). It’s good for warming up dishes from home that are in a plastic or glass container (usually takes about 30 mins to an hour) & does not overcook or dry the food out. I’ve even left the food in for hours and the food was still delicious. I’ve used this to warm up a bean burrito from Taco Bell, a slice of pizza & red beans and rice from Popeyes.Warming: Spaghetti has to be watched carefully whether home cooked or a TV dinner. If left in too long, it will turn to mush from being too soft.

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  25. Angela M.

    I purchased this because I sometimes don’t have a structured time for lunch at my job, so food has to be ready when I’m able to eat it, and I don’t have time to wait for the office microwave down the hall. With this, I can put frozen food in it in the morning, and by the time I’m ready to eat (between 10:30 and noon) the food is perfectly warmed and delicious! I even reheated home made egg and bean burritos. The cheese was melty, and the eggs were not overcooked. This was worth every penny! 10/10, would buy again!

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